tension straps for the pros

Titan Straps Testing Series

Join Cameron Lawson, founder and owner of Titan Straps and his trusty lab assistant, Finn the dog as they put Titan Straps to the test.

Strong & Reliable
Built for anything

Titan Straps are resistant to UV, freezing, chemicals and abrasion. They bear loads up to 70lbs and are much safer than bungees.

Simple & Time Saving

All Purpose

We created Titan Straps to improve strapping. Simply designed, easy to use and highly versatile, they excel at strapping down any load in any weather condition or climate.

For Adventure
Safe & Secure
When you need it most

Simplicity saves time and lives. Use Titan Straps with gloved hands and release them with a single pull. They give first responders precious seconds and unrivaled reliability.


1. Face logo outward

2. Thread the tip through the buckle

3. Stretch & secure over the flange

Thats it! The tension is now holding your gear like a vice.