Polyurethane Tension Straps vs. Bungee Cords

High-Performance Straps

Titan Straps polyurethane tension straps are made from a high-performance materials with superior benefits over conventional rubber straps or bungee cords. An excellent alternative to nylon ratchet straps, they won't ice or lock up and are significantly easier to use. 

These polyurethane straps also benefit users in other ways. How? With the following features:

    • High abrasion resistance
    • Resilience to oils, greases and numerous solvents
    • Excellent low-temperature and impact strength
    • Good flexibility over a wide temperature range
    • UV resistance
    • Excels in most all-weather conditions
    • High tensile strength

    Polyurethane doesn’t hold energy like an elastic bungee cord. So they’re much safer, and the strap won’t recoil back at the user.

      The high-performance, wide-spectrum benefits of polyurethane tension straps make them ideal for use in construction, home improvement, electrical, plumbing, motorsports, marine, farming, sports & recreation, and the oil and gas industry. Check out our @titanstraps_construction Instagram page to see multiple ways to use these straps. Or visit our FAQ page for more information.

      Rubber straps and rubber bungee cords aren’t ideal for tie-downs

      Why are polyurethane tension straps superior to Rubber? For numerous reasons. Rubber's poor UV, heat and ozone resistance mean rubber straps quickly degrade in outdoor applications. This is why you often see cracked, weathered and broken rubber tie-downs on the side of the highway.

      Furthermore, rubber bungee cords or rubber straps act like a spring. A stretched bungee cord's “elastic potential energy” when it’s released quickly converts into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy created as a bungee cord recoils can be dangerous to the user, smacking him in the face, among other things. Lastly, rubber material loses elasticity in low-temperatures and can turn brittle and break.

      A broken rubber bungee strap. This strap snapped in the face of the person putting it on the trashcan!