Introducing the Titan Straps Testing Series

Introducing the Titan Straps Testing Series

If you’ve been around for a while I’m sure you’ve heard us say “We test our straps”, and it's something we take pretty seriously around here.

So seriously that every time a new shipment of Titan Straps arrive, we randomly select a strap for testing. Although we’ve been doing this for a while now it’s something we wanted to share with all of you.

Thus, the Titan Straps Testing Series was born. Join Cameron Lawson, founder and owner of Titan Straps and his trusty lab assistant, Fin the dog as they put Titan Straps to the test.

How will Titan Straps perform after being soaked in oil for a week? Can the straps withstand gas exposure? What would happen to the tensile strength of a Titan Strap after it drags a tire from the back of a truck for 5 miles down a gravel road?

Find out in upcoming episodes of the Titan Straps Testing Series!

Launching May 4th.