Ep. 1: The 25" Industrial Strap VS. The Testing Device

Ep. 1: The 25" Industrial Strap VS. The Testing Device

The Titan Straps Testing series introduces Cameron Lawson, founder and owner of Titan Straps. Along with Finn, his trusty lab assistant.

Episode 1 takes you into the Titan Straps World Headquarters, where Cameron gives a tour of the shop and the testing structure. With each production run of Titan Straps, Cameron randomly selects straps for testing. The Titan Strap is put into a looped configuration as if it were securing a load, and the strap is pulled and stretched to its maximum force.

In this episode, we test a 25" Industrial strap in red at room temperature (62.7 F / 17.06 C). 

Spoiler AlertTitan Straps can handle some serious force before failure occurs. (Note: we recommend customers use Titan Straps at or under the Working Load Limit of 60lbs., inspect frequently and always use two straps for critical loads). 

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Up next on the Titan Straps Testing Series: 

Watch Cameron and Finn the lab assistant experiment with different substances, situations and scenarios! How will Titan Straps perform after being soaked in oil for a week? Can the straps withstand extreme heat exposure? What would happen to the tensile strength of a Titan Strap after it drags a tire from the back of a truck on a gravel road?
All that in more in the next episodes of the Titan Straps testing series. 


Technical data & Results :

23.18.04 @ 16:05MST

25" / 64 cm Industrial Strap

Temperature: 62.7 F / 17.06 C

Color: Red

Flange placed at 15th hole from tip.

Peak Tensile Strength/ Break Point: 398 lb / 180.53 kg

Results: The 25" Industrial strap stretched 78.4%, before failing at 398 lb/ 180.53kg. The strap broke at the same hole the flange was inserted through. The strap became warm to the touch - the result of Thermodynamics at play, as molecules in the polymer became activated during the stretching process. These results will become the baseline for future tests and what we'll measure against. Stay tuned!