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Industrial Strap 30"  the workshorse
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The Ultimate Motorcycle Strap: Water, Potholes, Sand, Mud and Washboard Don’t Stand a Chance

Need something to hold your gear for long days full of pounding over washboard and rugged trails? Bungees won’t cut it. But we’ve got the perfect moto strap for you. Our polyurethane tension straps have stretch, but aren’t too stretchy. So they hold gear like a vice, no matter how rough you ride or how exposed you are to the elements. And as with all our straps, you can adjust, tighten and secure with one hand or gloved hands.

Red Davidson of @Island_Singletrack uses our moto straps to lash his chain saw, hand saw, aux fuel and water bottles to his dirt bike. In fact, he always carries some of our lighter duty 18” Utility Straps for attaching small items to his rig. They’re supple and lightweight and can easily be stashed in a pocket. 

For hardcore rides, you’ll want a full set of our Industrial Strap. This series is wider, stronger and more robust. Thus they're perfect for lashing gear to DualSport motorcycles or ATVS for off-road adventures. Use a 25” Industrial Straps to lash fuel bottles or soft luggage onto the back rack or secure a tent on the back of metal panniers. Or use a 20” Industrial to attach a Stihl Chainsaw to the back rack or a saw mount on the front forks to take care of early season blow downs. You'll find endless uses for these straps.

Industrial Strap 30"  the workshorse