Construction Straps

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Your Equipment is Essential for your trade

Make your life easier with these speciality construction straps. Used by the full spectrum of tradesmen and women, these durable, safe and secure tension straps last. We quality control test every batch and offer a 3-Year Warranty. Because we never want that 100-pound steel bar to fly off your roof rack.

A proven workhorse, use at least two Industrial Straps to secure ladders, PVC, 2×4’s or conduit to lumber racks. Also bundle compressor hoses or secure spools of wire. And you can tighten, release or adjust these all-weather tie-downs in place with one hand, even in freezing temps or blistering heat. They don’t ice up like ratchet straps. Also extreme temps won't break them down.

Plus, overstretching, snapping and fraying like bungees are a thing of the past. The simple buckle design is easy to work with gloved hands and there’s no threat of "bungee bite." The more you use these construction straps, the more uses you’ll find for them. Follow us @titanstraps_construction on Instagram to see them in action on various job sites and in shops.