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The Ultimate Bike Strap: Otherwise Known as the Everything Strap

Titan Straps are a must have bike strap for any human-powered, multi-sport pursuit. Bungee cords just don’t cut it, says The Bikeraft Guide author Steve Fassbinder. “Titan Straps are an absolute necessity for bikepacking and packrafting. Bungees and twine just don't adequately secure the bike to the packraft or any gear to your bike!" 

Titan Straps Ambassador Liz Sampey agrees. So she uses all eight sizes in different scenarios for her bikepacking and other multi-sport missions. She secures her bike to the bike rack on her van. And she reinforces gear attached to her mountain bike for ultra races. But her favorite is the 18” Utility Strap, which she uses for everything, she says. “It’s especially perfect for securing my skis to my packraft for skirafting.” 

What else can you do with our bike straps? Use the lighter duty Utility Straps to attach spare tubes, water bottles or cartridges to a bike frame. Or secure bike wheels to a rack to prevent "wheel whiz." Supple and lightweight, they can easily be stashed in a pocket or bike bag. 

When you need the most secure package possible attached to your bike or packraft, go with the more robust Industrial Strap series. They’re just right for lashing a rolled up, eight-pound packraft to your handlebars or for lashing your bike frame and wheels to your packraft. And the 30” Industrial Straps will securely hold a 20-liter dry bag to your bike rack. Finally use a 30” Industrial Strap to cinch up a saggy seatpost bag. The options are endless.