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The Ultimate Ski Strap: Otherwise Known As The Everything Strap

Titan tension straps are a ‘must have’ for your snowy backcountry missions. Don’t leave the car without one! Filmmaker and Line Ski athlete John Padilla doesn’t. He uses his favorite 20" Industrial Straps “for just about everything in the backcountry.” One or more suffice to add an extra attachment point for skis and poles onto the running board (aka tunnel). Or use a couple 25" Industrial Straps to attach fuel and safety equipment for emergency purposes to the running board.

The lighter-duty Utility Straps are perfect for A-framing skis when it’s time to crampon up a couloir. Use a 25" Utility Straps to fix your gear. Wrap one around a boot that's just not snug enough. Or fix a broken snowboard binding. Or, if your skins are no longer sticky, simply attach them to your skis with a couple “ski straps.” Wrap them around your ski poles for easy access when you really need them.

Easy to adjust, tighten and secure with gloved hands even in freezing temps, they’ll be your go-to for quick fixes or fast-action lashing. On wild adventures, no matter the rough terrain (or rough driving), your gear won’t budge. And definitely bring a full set for repairs, says John. “Titan Straps have saved the day more than once when sled A-arms break!”