Bike & Ski Straps

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The Ultimate Bike and Ski Strap: Otherwise known as the everything strap

Titan Straps are a must have for any recreational pursuit.

Titan's Utility Straps are our lighter duty version straps and the best option for many recreational needs. Supple and lightweight, they can easily be stashed in a pocket. Secure your paddles, yoga mat or skis with our 18" tension straps. Or secure your spare tube or bike pump to your mountain bike or your bike wheels to a rack to prevent "wheel whiz."

The Industrial Strap series is more robust and perfect for lashing gear to DualSport motorcycles, ATVS, or trucks during off-road adventures. Water, potholes, sand, mud and the vibration from washboard roads or endless cobbles are no match for a Titan Strap. You’d think your gear was bolted down when using these tension straps. As with all our straps, you can adjust, tighten and secure with one hand.