The Titan Straps Vision: Polyurethane Tension Straps for Construction, Bikes, Packrafts and... everything

The Titan Straps Vision: Polyurethane Tension Straps for Construction, Bikes, Packrafts and... everything

Past, Present & Future: Infinite Uses for Polyurethane Straps

We've spent a lot of time these last few months evaluating our past and present and looking to our future. Who were we a decade ago when we founded this company that makes high-quality polyurethane tension straps for construction, adventure and so many things? Who are we now? What are our goals and plans for innovating these infinitely useful straps (aka formerly known as “ski straps”)? What does the future hold for us?

And... we came up with a long-term vision that we want to share with you, the people who keep us in business, our friends, fans and followers. Thank you for your ongoing support these last ten years. We could not have done it without you. ~Cameron Lawson, Founder, Owner, CEO

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Who Are We? Simply, Makers of High-Quality Straps for Construction, Yoga, Adventure, and... You Name It

From adventure, to construction, to everyday life, Titan Straps changed the way people thought about ski straps. In 2010, Cameron Lawson developed prototype polyurethane straps like the standard skinny ski straps of old. But his were stronger, wider and more refined. He needed something more durable and safer for a 200-mile, 14-day bike-packrafting mission on Alaska’s Lost Coast.

His straps worked exceptionally well at securing his equipment to his packraft in choppy ocean swells as well as on his bike as he peddled across beaches covered in baseball-sized cobbles. And the ease and quickness at which he could tighten, adjust and remove gear was unparalleled. Cameron realized he had struck gold. Simple and highly effective, these utility straps had infinite uses. He started producing them en masse, giving them to adventurers, but also contractors, plumbers and electricians to field-test. People immediately wanted more. Thus, Titan Straps was born.

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What Is Our Mission? To Make Straps for Construction, Yoga, etc...

We seek to design and constantly improve the most innovative, high-quality, refined polyurethane straps for construction and other activities available. We strive to provide a safer, stronger, simpler and more versatile alternative to bungees or ratchet straps and to expand people’s thinking about the infinite, creative possibilities for their use.

What does our future hold?

1% For The Planet

While we're doing all these things, as part of the nonprofit 1% For the Planet, we commit to creating a healthier planet by contributing 1% of our annual pre-tax revenue to environmental causes.

Excellent Customer Service

We hope it has been obvious, but we strive to provide excellent customer service. The people of Titan Straps care about you, so we promise to always be straight-forward, transparent and friendly. We want to give you the best experience possible with our products and the people who work for us

A Lifetime of Strong, Safe, Secure & Reliable Straps for Construction, Yoga & Pretty Much Anything You Can Think Of ;)

Used by tradesmen and adventurers alike, we ensure our straps are durable, safe, secure and long-lasting. We quality control test every batch and offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Creativity & Innovation

We will continue to be creative and innovate new products. We developed the first extra strong and reliable industrial strap on the market. And we were the first to introduce textured straps to the market, which offer excellent grip for cold, wet or gloved hands. We commit to constantly innovating ever stronger new products, more creative ways to use those products and the most extensive size and strength options on the market. Stay tuned for some new product releases this fall and winter 2023!

The Highest Quality

We will continue to create the highest quality straps on the market. We consider every detail from design to production to what ends up in your hands. Our high-quality polymer bears up to 70 pounds, is tough, durable, UV and abrasion resistant, and remains flexible in cold temps. Our buckles are heat treated, coated and polished aircraft aluminum that allows the strap to thread through the buckle twice, doubling its strength. And unlike your rubber shoes, Titan Straps don’t leave ugly marks.

Making Your Life Easier

We will continue to make your life easier, whether you're an electrician, plumber, construction worker, cyclist, packrafter or yogi. You can adjust, release or lock Titan Straps in place with one hand, even in freezing temps. They don’t ice up like ratchet straps or overstretch, snap and fray like bungees or break down in extreme temps and UV light like nylon webbing. These really are the ideal straps for construction.


We will always be authentically who we are... people who care about you. People who are grounded in the real world. We work construction, we ride bikes in Alaska, we drive motos around the country. Rugged and dedicated multi-sport adventurers, motos, hunters and tradesmen designed and tested our polyurethane straps and will continue to refine and develop new uses for them today.

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