Bikeraft Repair Kit: What To Take on the Lost Coast?

Bikeraft Repair Kit: What To Take on the Lost Coast?

This is the bikeraft repair kit Cameron Lawson brought in August 2013 when he and Iris Vandenham repeated the 2011 Lost Coast South route. The paddled and peddled 200 miles from Yakutat to Gustavus in 13 days.

Bikeraft Repair Kit: What's in Yours?

Take care of the machine, and it will take care of you! I recommend that all aspiring bikerafters  bring a small bag of bike tools. This photo shows all I brought, minus the two extra spokes.

Because of the wild nature of this adventure, I decided to strip my bike down to a single-speed. So not much can go wrong with fewer gears. Still, I always bring a multi-tool. It helps riders take off pedals, adjust (or remove) the seat and makes sure everything is tight. And from past experience, I’ve been super impressed with KMC ‘rust buster’ chain. It works well in a salty, ocean environment. And so I put that in my bikeraft repair kit.

For the packraft, it's always a good idea to bring tyvek tape. It's easy to carry, as you can wrap it around your paddle. And it patches most holes and tears. Plus, always bring a tube of Aquaseal. Alpacka Raft has a great repair kit guide online.

Learn more about what he brought on his Lost Coast adventure on the National Geographic online article, "Alaska's Lost Coast by Bike & Packraft: Gear Packing List." And check out the First Aid Kit Cameron brought by visiting our blog post, "The Lost Coast of Alaska First Aid Kit."

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