Stocking Stuffers: A Holiday Gift Guide to Titan Tension Straps

Stocking Stuffers: A Holiday Gift Guide to Titan Tension Straps

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Titan Straps Are The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Construction Workers, Cyclists, Motorcycle and OHV Lovers, Skiers & Bikerafters

Construction Straps

construction strap

Make your life easier with these safe, secure and easy-to-use tension straps. Builder, welder and adventurer Steve Fassbinder uses them for, "everything, ever day." So does welder James West, who says: “I’m still finding new uses for them.”

Bike Straps

bike strap

Adam Bratton, of Human Powered Movement, purchased a Utility Strap bundle for a 700-mile bikepacking trip he did fall 2022. He brought the 9" for "easy fixes," the 14" to strap water bottles to his cages and the 18" for securing his tent to his fork mounted cages. As well, he adds, "The 25" worked as additional security on the seat bag and through the straps of my sandals."

Bikeraft Straps


For Lizzy Scully, co-author of The Bikeraft Guide with Steve Fassbinder, Titan Straps are an absolute necessity. "Bungees and twine don't secure the bike to the packraft sufficiently. You need four to six Titan Straps bike straps to lash your bike to your boat and your wheels to your bike."

Motorcycle & OHV Straps

moto strap

Red Davidson's @Island_Singletrack Instagram off-road motorcycle videos inspire us. Red's favorite straps are the 18" Utility Straps. He says: "I generally use them to hold my chain saw, hand saw, aux fuel and water bottles, clothing, etc. I also use them for a wide variety of things while hiking, camping, or storage in my shop.”

Snowmobile & Ski Straps

ski strap

Skier, snowmobiler and filmmaker John Padilla's favorite strap for skiing is the 20" Industrial. “I use it for just about everything in the backcountry. It has saved the day more than once when sled A-arms break!”

  • 18" Utility Straps: Lashing skis together, attaching old skins to skis and A-framing skis when it's time to crampon up a couloir
  • 20" Industrial Straps: Adding an extra attachment point for skis and poles onto the ski rack on my sled, or attaching a tunnel bag to my ski rack.

Photos by Steve Fassbinder (bikeraft), Adam Bratton (bike) & Jordan Skattum (ski).