Featured Tradesman: Justin Vader & Straps for Plumbers

Featured Tradesman: Justin Vader & Straps for Plumbers

Justin Vader: Plumber & Social Influencer

Justin Vader the plumber, straps for plumbers, plumbing strapsIn our featured tradesmen and women posts, we highlight a bit about their careers and lives, along with tips and tricks they share on how to use Titan Straps tension straps for plumbing, construction or other trades. Photos courtesy of Justin Vader (mug shot), Steve Fassbinder (feature shot) and Cameron Lawson (shots of the inside of a Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Van).

The Social Media Tradesman

Always the class clown, Justin Vader (aka @vadertheplumber) started plumbing late at 25. First an underwater welder for seven years, he switched careers to spend more time with his wife and daughter. “I wanted a career that worked with pipe and that would benefit my other trade friends and was closer to home," he explains. "Also, after diving in sewage and not being bothered by it, I realized plumbing was the trade for me.”

A talented influencer and tradesman, Vader sees a lot of "incorrect plumbing." So having experienced an excellent education from highly-qualified journeymen who "do amazing work," he explains. "I wanted to share my work and show people how to do plumbing properly." 

He loves his career for the challenges he faces, from diagnosing problems to doing bathroom renovations where someone wants a completely different layout, which means he needs to figure out how to reroute all the plumbing pipes and make sure it’s all up to code and looks appealing. And he doesn’t mind the disgusting aspects of plumbing. In fact, he laughs at giant hairballs and snaking clogged urinals (two of the worst smells in plumbing).

Roto Rooter van

Tools of the Trade: Straps for Plumbers

The inside of a roto rooter van

As far as key tools he brings on every job, he says all he needs to get any job done is, “a good set of water pump pliers, a multi bit screwdriver, tape measure, torpedo and a few Titan Straps.” Vader actually discovered Titan's tension straps on social media. He saw an Instagram post featuring someone strapping a bike to their packraft.

Why does he love these plumbing straps? Because they help him do his job better. “I use them as much as possible,” he explains. “I find myself looking for ways to put them to use because they’re so handy. From strapping pipe or my ladder to the roof rack of my truck to holding pipe on a table as a second hand. A huge help in any situation.”

They can be especially helpful for quick fixes or when other tools would not otherwise work. “I’ve used Titan Straps wrapped around an ABS riser pipe that I wanted at a specific height once it was through the floor. And the Titan Straps worked as a perfect stop so the pipe wouldn’t go any further down the hole.”

His only problem with them is that his wife regularly steals them. “She uses them for anything and everything. She'll strap items together in the utility trailer. Or she'll strap together a pillow and blanket for our daughter for sleepovers. Finally, she uses them on the stroller and bicycles when she’s out of hands and storage space.”

Need More Info or How-To Videos?

Interested in learning more? If so, you'll find how-to videos illustrating different ways use our construction/plumbing straps on your job site or DIY project on our YouTube, TikTok or Instagram platforms. Or, if you're interested in purchasing tension straps for your job, check out the Industrial Strap bundle.


Photos/videos by Justin Vader (mug), Mason Griffin (plumbing fixture with Titan Straps for plumbers) and Steve Fassbinder (featured).