Happy Earth Day! 1% For The Planet & Other News From Titan Straps

Happy Earth Day! 1% For The Planet & Other News From Titan Straps

It’s Earth Day, & We Are 1% for the Planet!

We became a proud member of 1% for the Planet in 2020, and since then we’ve supported Protect Our Winters, the Surfrider Foundation, Save Bristol Bay (a Trout Unlimited project in Alaska) and Winter Wildlands Alliance.

Letter From Cameron

It’s been a minute since we’ve sent out any Titan Straps news. But it’s spring. Migrating birds are reappearing, trees are budding out and today is Earth Day! I’ve spent the last few decades exploring the outdoors, solidifying my commitment to protecting the health of our planet.

I discovered my passion for the outdoors as a child. I explored the Chugach Mountains on foot with my father, and then other parts of Alaska by ski and bicycle. It was in the early 2010s, while on a 300-mile Lost Coast tour from Yakutat to Cordova that my perspective changed. I saw human degradation of our environment that hit me hard.

We pedaled fatbikes on pristine beaches for hundreds of miles. But we unfortunately also found smaller bays full of sea garbage (aka “marine debris“) when paddling our packrafts. Discarded junk from ships and fishing boats had come up the Gulf of Alaska and jammed up these ocean cul de sacs.

“Marine debris is more than just everyday garbage. It includes toxic chemicals and materials from plastic products, building materials, industrial waste, land-based runoff, shipping and oil spills, and any other non-natural, solid material that ends up in the ocean,” according to the National Park Foundation. This nasty stuff can strangle, entangle or cause digestive blockages in whales, seals, turtles, fish and birds, among other wildlife.

It pained me to see this much trash. However, with the recent growth of Titan Straps, I have been able to make a small difference. I can now support organizations preserving and protecting the places I love and where I play. I am wholly committed to 1% for the Planet. Imagine if every person chipped in whatever way they could. Earth Day would take on a whole new meaning.

New Hires: Liz Sampey, Lizzy Scully, YOUR NAME HERE?

As it’s springtime, we want to share some other fresh, exciting news. We started an ambassador program, which will be comprised of multi-sport adventurers and/or people in the trades. Please meet our first team member, multi-sport adventurer Liz Sampey.

Liz is embarking on a pretty wild ski-packraft adventure to Alaska today. We have also invited multi-sport adventurer, craftsman and photographer Steve “Doom” Fassbinder to join the team, along with Jon Yazzie, a badass bikepacker, guide and founder of the Navajo Youth Bikepacking Series. We will be featuring them in the upcoming months.

We’ve also hired a Communications Director, Lizzy Scully, who brings a wealth of business, marketing and PR experience to our small company. She worked in the past for Revelate Designs, Alpacka Raft and Hyperlite Mountain Gear. She currently runs Four Corners Guides, a seasonal multi-sport adventure guide service.

We hope you have a fantastic spring and a wonderful Earth Day

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Check out our new @titanstraps_construction Instagram page, where we will be following ambassador Doom’s container home build over the next few months. And, as always, follow our adventure page @titanstraps!


Cameron Lawson

Titan Straps Founder/Owner since 2010, Proud Member of 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet! We care about the environment.