My name is Cameron Lawson, and I’m an adventure photographer, entrepreneur and owner of TitanStraps. The idea for this highly-utilitarian strap began along Alaska’s wild and remote “Lost Coast” during a bike/packraft expedition from Yakutat to Cordova in 2010. I developed and produced some prototype Industrial straps to use on the 300-mile trip. The straps worked exceptionally well at securing our equipment in the wet, sandy and rough environment. Our gear didn’t budge, as we paddled across choppy ocean swells and peddled over miles of baseball-sized cobbles. The east at which we could secure, adjust and remove gear was unparalleled. It was obvious – this simple, highly effective utility strap had far reaching applications. Upon return, more prototypes were produced and given to contractors, plumbers and electricians for field-testing; the response was overwhelmingly positive and they wanted more. The speed, durability, safety and security of TitanStraps was proven. In the fall of 2010, TitanStraps was born in Bozeman, Montana.