The Titan Straps Story

Who, Where, What Are Titan Straps?

Titan Straps makes strong, safe, secure and long-lasting polyurethane straps out of Bozeman, Montana. So what are titan straps anyway? An improved version of the original "ski straps." These tension straps (aka. tie-down straps) were the first, wider, thicker and textured straps on the market. Thus, their applications broadened way beyond their traditional use as ski straps.

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The Company: Where The Idea Came From

Titan Straps Owner and CEO Cameron Lawson developed prototypes for his highly-utilitarian "Industrial" straps in 2010 specifically for a 300-mile bikerafting expedition he planned to Alaska’s wild and remote Lost Coast.

The straps worked exceptionally well at securing his equipment in the wet, sandy and rough environment. And their gear didn’t budge as he and his teammate paddled across choppy ocean swells and peddled over miles of baseball-sized cobbles. Thus, the ease at which he and his teammate could secure, adjust and remove gear was unparalleled. It became obvious that this simple, highly effective, polyurethane utility strap had far reaching applications.

Upon returning to Bozeman, he produced more prototypes and gave them to contractors, plumbers and electricians for field-testing. They responded overwhelmingly positively, wanting more. The speed, durability, safety and security of Titan Straps was proven. In the fall of 2010, Titan Straps the company was born in Bozeman, Montana. And Cameron began mass producing the world's first wide, burly, and textured tension strap.

What are titan straps?