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How much tension needs to be applied to the strap for it to work properly?

Titanstraps need enough tension, so the load is secure and the flange/tooth of the buckle is tightly seated into the hole of the strap. If you can slide your fingers between the strap and the object you’re trying to secure, it’s too loose. We recommend always using two straps for critical loads, such as ladders on vehicle racks. For more instruction, watch the video at: www.youtube.com/titanstraps.

What’s the difference between Utility Straps and Industrial Straps?

Utility Straps are a lighter duty strap with a Working Load Limit of 60lbs. They’re ideal for home owners with projects around the house, recreationalists, mariners, skiers and anyone needing a handy tie-down. The Industrial Straps are a stronger version of the Utility Strap and have a Working Load Limit of 70lbs. The Industrial series are wider and thicker, and ideal for people that use TitanStraps on a daily basis on the job or individuals that need something beefier for a particular task.

Do TitanStraps stay supple in extremely cold temperatures?

TitanStraps remain pliable and semi-stretchy in frigid temperature extremes. However, like any polymer, the strap will become less stretchy as the temperature drops below freezing.

What is the maximum temperature that TitanStraps can withstand?

At temperatures great than 210ºF the material will slowly move towards the consistency of bubble gum on hot pavement and shouldn’t be used for service.

Are TitanStraps UV resistant?

Yes. TitanStraps excel in hot, sunny climates. For people living in Arizona, Florida or Hawaii, TitanStraps are for you!

Do TitanStraps have material limitations?

In most situations, the material we use is highly durable, can handle a wide temperature range and is long lasting. But there is a kryptonite for this ‘super material’ – hydrolysis; If TitanStraps are exposed to the combination of moisture and warm temperatures for prolonged periods, the material will degrade. In contrast, TitanStraps can handle prolonged contact with cold water for extended periods. Again, constant contact to combined warmth and moisture is not a happy place for TitanStraps.

Are TitanStraps chemical resistant?

Depends. In many cases, TitanStraps do very well in chemical environments. However, they don’t like aromatic solvents such as toluene, benzene or ketones (examples: MEK or Acetone) or certain esters like Ethyl acetate (example: Nail Polish).

Will the buckle corrode?

The buckle won’t have issues with corrosion for the life of the product. The buckle is made from aircraft quality aluminum and has been heat-treated, polished and glazed with a finish.

The holes on the strap don’t go all the way to the buckle – how do I secure something that has a smaller diameter?

Simply, wrap the excess strap around the item 1-2x, before threading the tip through the buckle. This will remove the ‘slack’ in the strap. Also, we’ve designed the buckle with enough space, allowing the strap to be threaded through the buckle 2x.Anytime, the strap is ‘double wrapped’ around an object, the surface area/contact increases, eliminating the risk of a shifting load.

How do I link or ‘daisy chain’ two straps together?

The logo of each strap must be facing outward, so the flange (tooth) of each buckle is facing the same direction. Thread the tip of one strap (A), through the buckle of the second strap (B). Now, simply pull on the tip of strap (A) and place the flange through one of the holes. Tension will keep the two straps together. For more instruction, visit www.youtube.com/titanstraps.

How do you test your straps?

TitanStraps are placed in a ‘looped configuration’ – the same way as intended use. Once in a looped configuration, the strap is secured between two points in our testing equipment. The machine pulls on the two points, and the loop is stretched until failure. The testing equipment records the data. We random sample TitanStraps and test in various conditions to make sure you’re getting the very finest strap available.