Emergencies occur in every condition.

Titanstraps are built to endure.

TitanStraps are quickly gaining traction with firefighters as the ‘go-to’ strap for securing ‘hi-rise packs’, securing picks and organization. They’re also ideal for anyone involved in Search and Rescue. All straps in the Titan family can be adjusted, tightened or released with one hand. They excel in temperature extremes from blistering heat to Arctic cold. The straps don’t absorb water or freeze, have high abrasion resistance and easy-to-use with gloved hands.

The Industrial straps are what we recommend for many applications on the fire trucks and at the station. The 25”/64cm Titan Industrial straps are ideal for bundling ‘high-rise’ packs and other fire hoses, and general time-saving organization. The strap can be released with one hand and hoses deployed quickly during critical missions.

Our smaller Utility Straps are easy to stash in a pocket, in a SAR pack or vehicle glovebox for quick organization or fast field-repair on the job.

TitanStraps® Industrial Straps Available in four sizes: 20” | 25” | 30” | 36”
TitanStraps® Straps Available in four sizes: 9” | 14” | 18” | 25”

Common Safety Uses







  • Secure
  • Anti-slip
  • UV Resistant
  • Extreme Cold Resistant
  • Load Limit 60-70 Lbs.