Your Equipment is essential for your trade.

Titanstraps are essential for your equipment.

TitanStraps will make your life easy! Our Industrial straps are a necessary tool on the jobsite. The beefier strap is a proven workhorse for securing ladders, PVC, 2×4’s, or conduit to lumber racks and bundling compressor hoses or securing spools of wire. All weather straps can be tightened, released and adjusted with one hand and excel in both blistering heat and Arctic cold. The simple buckle design is easy to work with gloved hands and there’s no threat of ‘bungee bite’. The more you use TitanStraps, the more uses you’ll find for them.

The Industrial Straps are slightly wider and thicker, giving this strap more cross-section and enhanced strength. For anyone in the trades, we always recommend the Industrial. If you’re securing one ladder on a lumber rack, the 20”/51cm or 25”/65cm will be your ‘go-to’ strap. For two ladders, the 36”/91cm is ideal. Every contractor we’ve met who uses TitanStraps, rave about the speed, ease-of-use, endless applications and safety. We always recommend using two straps to secure materials on vehicle racks.

The Utility Straps are slightly narrower and come in smaller lengths. These lighter-duty straps are a champion at bundling compressor hoses, electrical cords, paint gun hoses, or securing power adapters to unusual locations. Like all TitanStraps, they have a ton of applications and we’re always amazed at the creative uses people find for this easy-to-use product.

TitanStraps® Industrial Straps Available in four sizes: 20” | 25” | 30” | 36”
TitanStraps® Straps Available in four sizes: 9” | 14” | 18” | 25”

Common Contractor Uses








  • Secure
  • Anti-slip
  • UV Resistant
  • Extreme Cold Resistant
  • Load Limit 60-70 Lbs.