Rubber Straps & Bungee Cords vs Polyurethane TitanStraps


TitanStraps are made from a high-performance polyurethane – the material has superior benefits over conventional rubber straps or rubber bungee cords.

Superior benefits of polyurethane material used in TitanStraps:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Resilience to oils, greases and numerous solvents
  • Excellent low-temperature and impact strength
  • Good flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • UV resistance
  • Excels in most all-weather conditions
  • High tensile strength
  • Polyurethane doesn’t hold energy like an elastic bungee cord; meaning they’re much safer and the strap won’t recoil back at the user.

Because of the high-performance, wide-spectrum benefits of polyurethane, TitanStraps are ideal for use in construction, home improvement, electrical, plumbing, motorsports, marine, farming, sports & recreation, and the oil & gas industry. 

Rubber straps or rubber bungee cords aren’t ideal for tie-downs. Rubber has poor UV, heat and ozone resistance, meaning they quickly degrade in outdoor applications. This is why you see cracked, weathered and broken rubber tie-downs on the side of the highway.

Furthermore, rubber bungee cords or rubber straps are like a spring – as a bungee cord is stretched it has ‘elastic potential energy’, when it’s released, this energy is quickly converted into kinetic energy; This kinetic energy can be very harmful to the user, as a bungee cord recoils. Lastly, rubber material does poorly in low-temperatures and the elasticity is greatly reduced.