1% Percent For The Planet

In 2020, Titan Straps became a proud member of 1% percent for the planet. This international nonprofit is made up of businesses, individuals and environmental organizations dedicated to protecting our earth. Members donate 1% of their gross revenues to environmental organizations of their choice. Titan Straps supports the following nonprofits:

  • Protect Our Winters
  • The Surfrider Foundation
  • Save Bristol Bay (a Trout Unlimited project in Alaska)
  • Winter Wildlands Alliance

Collectively, Titan Straps and the entire network of donors has a positive impact in helping protect our planet. So why do it?

The Titan Straps Committment

Titan Straps founder, Cameron Lawson, feels deeply passionate about being in wild places and documenting adventures with his camera. And the decades he spent exploring the outdoors solidified his commitment to protecting the health of our planet. Thus, as Titan Straps has grown, the company has had more resources to give back in a meaningful way to protect the environment.

So now is the time. Did you know that in the United States only 3% of total philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes? Furthermore, government funding for the environment is variable even in the best of times. Thus, through 1% for the Planet, "The global community - every business, every organization, every individual - has the opportunity to take responsibility for the planet and drive positive change" (onepercentfortheplanet.org).

Titan Straps wants to be a part of that positive change. "As a company, it feels great to give back, take care of our customers and do the right thing," Cameron says.

one percent for the planet