Our Ambassadors
Builder. Adventurer. Photographer.
Steve "Doom" Fassbinder

Steve Fassbinder, known as “Doom” within the tight-knit mountain bike industry, started adventuring at age 14. He raced single-speed mountain bikes until his 30s, but eventually started focusing on exploring huge backcountry landscapes. Passionate about creative, human powered, low-impact travel, he’s likely explored more of the Southwest United States by both bike and packraft than any other person. Doom has a dual career in building. From cabins to full-blown container homes, Doom does everything from framing to welding to drywall (which he hates) to painting. Follow his first container home build on @titanstraps_construction. Read our Q&A with Doom about his container home build.

Navajo Youth advocate. Adventurer.
Jon Yazzie

Jon Yazzie is a full-blooded Navajo, adventure cyclist and founder of the Navajo Youth Bikepacking Program. He brings some impressive single-speed 24-hour race, bikepacking and route development accomplishments to the Titan Straps Ambassador Team. And he's the co-founder of the Navajolands Guide Service Dzil Ta'ah Adventures, along with Nadine Johnson. The duo founded the guide service to financially support their groundbreaking Navajo Youth Bikepacking Program. Jon is a true OG cyclist, and we're thrilled to have him on board. Find Jon @dziltaahadventures on Instagram. Read about his youth program on The Radavist. And check out our profile Q&A with Jon.

Ultra-Endurance Racer. Physical Therapist.
Liz Sampey

Elizabeth "Liz" Sampey grew up exploring the woods near her family farm via bicyle, cross-country skis, horses and other crafts. She now explores the world using more technically advanced versions of those things - packrafts, Revel bikes and now, Titan Straps. Liz is also an ultra-endurance athelete who has established new bikepacking routes in far-flung places and done numerous badass, long-distance races. She holds the record for the Arizona Trail Race 750. When not exploring the world by bike, she runs a boutique adventure coaching business and lives in her van in the American West. Follow Liz on Instagram. Read our Q&A with Liz!

Liz Sampey, titan Straps ambassador
Hunter. Adventurer.
Nick Trehearne

Canadian Nick Trehearne lives and breathes the hunting lifestyle, and has since he started taking photos professionally just over a dozen years ago at age 26. He’s shot 100+ big game animals for himself and tens of thousands of photos for magazines, lodges, gear manufacturers, tourism agencies, you name it. “Never in a million years did I think I’d be a photographer,” says the mustached, bookish looking 38-year-old. But after working as an electrician in an oil field for nine years, he needed to find something that would bring him more happiness. So he bought a camera, perused YouTube videos to figure out how to use it. And then spent his savings to travel for one year from Mexico to Alaska and everywhere in between to perfect his skills. Read the Q&A with Nick on our blog, and follow him on Instagram.