LOST COAST of Alaska: First-Aid Kit

The upcoming bike/packraft trip along Alaska’s Lost Coast is full of planning. One of the ticket items is what to bring for First-Aid. The kit I’m bringing is fairly spartan and suited for small injuries in the field. PERSONAL FIRST-AID KIT + UTENSILS. (24) Advil/Ibuprofin Cephalexin antibiotic AquaMira water purification Crazy glue (2) Band-Aid Blister […]

Lost Coast – Alaska: Equipment List

Here’s a list of gear I’ll be taking on the Lost Coast Bike/Packraft trip from Yakutat to Juneau,  Alaska. The key to packing for any backcountry trip, is bringing only what’s necessary with little excess. Each piece of equipment must be utilitarian, and if possible, multi-functional. It’s fun to plan and put together a gear […]