Alaska Adventure – Summer 2013

In about a month, I’ll be meeting up with a companion for an adventure in Alaska. We’ll be using fat-tired bikes and small, inflatable rafts to travel the coastline (known as the Lost Coast) from Yakutat to Juneau. The seam of coastline is about 350 miles long and sandwiched between the moody Gulf of Alaska and the Fairweather Range.

Back in 2010, a friend and I traveled North along the coastline from Yakutat to Cordova, Alaska. It was one of my all-time favorite adventures and where the idea for TitanStraps was hatched. Some photos can be seen at:

The trip from Yakutat to Juneau will be interesting at multiple levels. I’m curious to see what, if any,  debris  has washed up on the shores from the 2011 Japanese tsunami.  Also, we’ll be crossing Lituya Bay. This relatively small bay was made famous in 1958, when a massive rockslide caused the world’s largest tsunami. The wave wiped out trees 1700′ above sea level. Check out:

Stay tuned for more blog entries. Will be adding a detailed gear list for the trip soon.

~ Cameron


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