Our goal is to produce the best products available. To us, this means standing by our principles of simplicity, high-function and durability. We spend a lot of time testing our product, digging deep to find the best materials, getting feedback from you and using your suggestions to further research and design our product. All to ensure that we won’t just meet your expectations, we’ll go beyond them.

The story behind TitanStraps® began on the wildly rugged coastline of Alaska. Riding fat-tired bicycles and wielding small inflatable rafts, a fellow bike enthusiast and I traveled the bear-infested, largely uninhabited seam of beach between Yaktutat and Cordova, Alaska. The two week, off-road adventure became a Feature in the June 2011 issue of BIKE magazine.

During our journey, we used early proto-type TitanStraps® to secure loads to our bikes and rafts. The straps worked exceptionally well in the wet, cold environment and offered a huge range of adjustability. After our journey and back in Montana, we noticed a graveyard of broken bungees and black, rubber tie-downs with mutilated hooks littering the sides of the highway….a testimony to the cheap tie-downs on the market. From our experience in Alaska, we knew we had a superior product that had 100’s of uses.