I love your TitanStraps! Way better and more secure than the bungees I’ve been using. Just need one hand to release it, and they don’t fly back at your face (like bungees can). They are the best for securing my 24′ ladder to my roof-rack. And they’re made here, in the USA.
William, Owner / Skyhammer Construction
Sebastopol, CA
I recently started using TitanStraps for hauling lumber on my truck and have realized that there are thousands of uses for these safe and reliable straps! TitanStraps has thought of everything, from the ease of use to the safety of using a utility strap. These tools come in handy for every situation, and not only are they a great and durable product, they’re made in the USA! Thanks for a great product TitanStraps!
Jake Lewendal / Sustainable Building Solutions, Inc.
Bozeman, MT
I can’t afford to lose a load off my plane. TitanStraps work exceptionally well for securing external loads to the Super Cub during rough, off-field bush operations in Alaska. The straps remain stretchy in cold temperatures, are incredibly strong and the security brings peace of mind.
John, Owner / Wolf Mountain Aviation, Inc.
Palmer, AK
We bought a dozen TitanStraps. Since then, we have fallen in love with the ease and strength under which they perform. I would recommend them for anyone needing a strong and easy tie-down.
Ryan / Guardian Restoration, Inc.
Bozeman, MT
I finally found the perfect father’s day gift for my tool-using hubby…TitanStraps. He loves the versatility, toughness and visibility. He even uses it to strap stuff to his bike rack. No more neck ties for my man.
Lorene Sterner / Ann Arbor, MI
We use the TitanStraps® on our work trucks to secure ladders and tools. They are quick and pliant. Even in cold weather these straps are tough.
Gary / Global Net, Inc.
Bozeman, MT
Great product! Way more convenient than traditional bungee cords.
Curtis Butts / Service Electric, Inc.
Bozeman, MT
I have used TitanStraps® many times for work as well as personal uses. They hold ladders well in place as well as other items such as 1/2 EMT. I used your straps to secure 24 pieces of conduit on my Truck Cap to use for some fruit tree fencing. I was glad I had them – they held all 24 pieces in place on my Caps Roof Rack. They are easy to use, and so far been a great asset to my moving items and securing them.
Mike Meehan / Center Line, MI

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